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Trivia Questions 2014

Trivia Questions – 1.  In Mexico, it is good luck to wear a particular item of clothing in red for New Year’s.  What article of clothing? A.  Scarf B.  Bib C.  Underwear D.  Socks 2.  According to U.S. insurance companies, what happens more on New Year’s than any other day of the year? A. Trees […]

We Wish You A Happy Holiday season 2014

The doctors and staff at Evanston Podiatric Surgeons and Mag Mile Foot and Ankle Institute wish a very Happy Holiday season to you and to your family. “May your tree be filled with happiness, happiness and friendliness for all May your heart be filled with cheerfulness, With happiness and cheerfulness and friendliness for all. We […]

Stop in the name of love – Sever’s Disease

Remember back in English class that the teacher talked about things like synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms? I know, it was a bit mind boggling with all the terms. I was thinking about words that sound alike but are spelled differently and mean different things. It turns out that words like that are homophones. Used them […]

I’ve Got Spurs

Bone spurs are not the kind of spurs that go jingle jangle jingle. They are more like ouch, ooch, achk. Bone spurs are small outgrowths of bone. They usually grow in response to an inflammation. The inflammation causes the bone producing cells to respond and deposit bone in the area of inflammation. Bone spurs can […]

Gout – The 4-1-1

I bet you thought that no one got gout anymore. That it was just in the history books, right? Not true. Gout is still around and it seems that as people get heavier the more gout invades life. I use that word invade because generally one’s first gout attack is an attack. It is sudden […]

Thanksgiving – Thanks and Trivia

We are so grateful this Thanksgiving for all of our patients and blog readers.  We appreciate that you have either continued or started a relationship with us during this past year. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! And for your enlightenment and perhaps some fun at your Thanksgiving dinner – Thanksgiving Trivia   1. […]

My Bunion Named Sue

Oh my bunion Oh my bunion Oh my bunion I call Sue You are lost and gone forever Oh my darling bunion, Sue With apologies to Barker Bradford Yes and maybe that time has come for you. Have you been suffering with a bunion on your foot? Having trouble walking? Or even worse, having trouble […]

Peripheral Neuropathy

I seem to have been on a roll talking about numbness in feet. I have saved the most common problem until today. Peripheral neuropathy is a disease that is most often seen in conjunction with diabetes. It can also be caused by poor nutrition or injury. Generally with peripheral neuropathy, the symptoms will start in […]

What causes Morton’s neurom

As promised last week, we are going to talk about Morton’s neuroma this week. (Or as I will call it in my mind (and apparently at least once here…) Durlacher’s neuroma. For an explaination, see last week’s post. ) Morton’s neuroma   Morton’s neuroma falls under two categories that we have been talking about for […]

Morton, Durlacher, and Morton – Podiatrists of Note

I don’t know if you have noticed this but I can get lost in the little bits of information sometimes. With that thought, I started wondering about the names of conditions. I am sure this was triggered because I read an article the other day about the proper way to punctuate diseases that were named […]