My Bunion Named Sue

Oh my bunion
Oh my bunion
Oh my bunion I call Sue
You are lost and gone forever
Oh my darling bunion, Sue

With apologies to Barker Bradford
Yes and maybe that time has come for you. Have you been suffering with a bunion on your foot? Having trouble walking? Or even worse, having trouble getting shoes on that don’t hurt?  (Are you resorting to wearing clown shoes?)

And are you in pain? Take the time to go to your friendly local podiatrist and have your bunion checked. Most bunions are caused by the bone structure of your foot unless you had an injury that affected your bone structure. The doctor will get an x ray of your foot and will be able to show you why the bunion formed. If you have not been to the doctor for your bunion before, the doctor can give you some things to try to ease your pain and irritation.

Depending upon the pain and size of your bunion, you may want to opt to have surgery to repair the bone structure of your foot.

Now is the time to get to your friendly local podiatrist and schedule that corrective bunion surgery. (Have you named yours?) This time of year is a perfect time to take care of your bunion. After all, you have probably met your insurance deductible or maybe you have funds in your health savings account that need to be used.
It is also the time of year that you need to change to wearing boots and boots are much harder to wear with a bunion.
So instead of delaying and even naming your bunion, why don’t you take some steps that will help you to feel better? Oh, and don’t start singing my bunion song. I understand that when sedated for surgery, your singing voice may not be at its best with the song. Not like I would do anything like that…

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