Trivia Questions 2014

Trivia Questions –

1.  In Mexico, it is good luck to wear a particular item of clothing in red for New Year’s.  What article of clothing?

A.  Scarf
B.  Bib
C.  Underwear
D.  Socks

2.  According to U.S. insurance companies, what happens more on New Year’s than any other day of the year?

A. Trees fall on houses
B.  People set fires making turkey
C.  More cars are stolen
D.  Wedding rings are lost

3.  In what country is the tradition that you should bang a piece of bread on the wall to frighten away dead relatives?

A.  Guatemala
B.  Iceland
C.  Ireland
D.  Vietnam

4.  Who established January 1 as the beginning of the new year?

A.  God
B.  President James Madison
C.  Julius Caesar
D.  Martha Stewart

5.  In what year did the first New Year’s ball fall in New York City?

A.  2001
B.  1776
C.  1907
D.  1885

6.  Why do the Chinese set off fire crackers on New Years?

A.  To keep the old people awake to celebrate
B.  It is fun
C.  To scare off the evil spirits
D.  Since they invented fire crackers, they do it to celebrate their invention

7.  We like to think that the biggest New Year’s party is at the ball drop in New York.  Is it?

A.  Yes
B.  No, Sydney is bigger.
C.  No,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
D.  No, Paris

8.  What is the nationality of the man who made the song “Auld Lang Syne ” famous as a New Year’s song?

A.  Scottish
B.  English
C.  Canadian
D.  Russian

9.  Champagne comes from a region in France but sparkling wine can be produced in many countries.  France produces more sparkling wine than any other country.  What country comes in second in the production of sparking wine?

A.  U.S.
B.  Italy
C.  Germany
D.  Vietnam

10.  On New Year’s Day, it is considered bad luck to eat foods (like lobster and chickens) that do what?

A.  Taste best drenched in butter
B.  Sleep with their eyes open
C.  Walk backward
D.  Don’t have 4 feet

Okay, that is the quiz for your New Year’s pleasure.  I hope that you were stumped by some of the questions!

Oh, you want the answers?  I made that part pretty easy.  The answer for each question is “C.”

Thanks so much for your support over the last year.  I look forward to “seeing” you in the new year.

Your pal,

The Foot Blogger Chick


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