Thanksgiving – Thanks and Trivia

We are so grateful this Thanksgiving for all of our patients and blog readers.  We appreciate that you have either continued or started a relationship with us during this past year.

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And for your enlightenment and perhaps some fun at your Thanksgiving dinner –

Thanksgiving Trivia

1.  Which U.S. President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
Abe Lincoln declared in 1863 that the fourth Thursday in November each year will be the Thanksgiving holiday.
2.  Sarah Josepha Hale wrote the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. What is her connection to Thanksgiving?
It was Sarah Josepha Hale who persuaded Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.
3.  Since it was made a national holiday, has Thanksgiving always been the fourth Thursday in November?  
No, FDR moved the holiday up to the second Thursday in November in 1939, 1940 and 1941 to encourage an early start to Christmas shopping.  It was moved back to the fourth Thursday in 1942.
4.  Which of the following utensils was not used at the original Thanksgiving? Spoon? Fork? Knife?   
Forks were not used by the Pilgrims for at least 10 years after the first Thanksgiving celebration.
5.  What year did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade start?
The parade began in 1924 with 400 employees.  There were no giant balloons in the original parade.
6.  Swanson produced the first TV dinners in 1953.  Why?
An employee of the company misjudged how many frozen turkeys would be sold that year.  Due to that mistake, Swanson had 26 TONS of frozen turkey left over.  It was decided to pair the turkey with trimmings and sell it as a TV dinner.
7.  Do turkeys really “gobble”?
Only male turkeys. Female turkeys “cluck”.
8.  Besides retailers, what profession has Black Friday as its busiest day?
Plumbers.  And no, I won’t go into the reasons.
Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. My best wishes to you!

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