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September 24, 2020

Toenail Discoloration: The Colors and What They Mean

Summer has ended and that means you’re probably putting away your favorite sandals until next season. However, keeping a close eye on your toenail color to make sure everything is crystal clear is very important throughout the whole year. Sometimes, toenail discoloration could be a sign of a medical condition that you would not otherwise […]

July 21, 2020

Bunions: What to Do About Them

A Not So Fun Fact Did you know bunions are more common in women than men? According to Harvard Health, women are 10 times more likely to develop bunions than men. Why? One reason suggests that, not only can it be hereditary, but women also tend to wear high heels, which puts pressure on the big toe.  […]

June 25, 2020

Swollen Feet? Why They Happen and What to do About Them

Like most people, you’ve probably been more idle and sitting for more hours than you’re used to during the past few months. Or maybe, your work hours have demandingly increased and you’re on your feet all day. While the pandemic has given people a good reason to relax and slow the crazy pace at which […]

May 12, 2020

Osteoarthritis of the Big Toe

While the big toe seems like a trivial part of the body that we take for granted often, it actually plays a major role in maintaining our balance. Thanks to the support offered by our big toes, we can walk, run and exercise. Our big toes help us travel the world and do the things […]

April 11, 2020


How many of you have seriously thought that we would be living our lives the way we are approx. 6 months ago, and that a virus would place us in a position of such compromise? My background is akin to the orthopedic society, yet I will take a stab in somewhat of simple explanation.  A sincere […]