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New Year – New Feet 2012

Happy New Year!!! I love new anything and new years are about the best!  There is something about a fresh start that makes me full of enthusiasm and hope.  And believe me, here in the Midwest, that can be pretty hard to find.  After all, it is dark and cold pretty often in winter here. […]

10 Pedicure Do’s and Don’ts

Hello Readers! In the spirit of this holiday season, I thought I would bring to you some tips.  Since it is one of my favorite pampering things to do, I present you with ~Ta Da~ 10 Pedicure Do’s and Don’ts ~TaDa~ 10.  If you are going to a nail salon, really take a look around.  […]

Post Marathon Injuries

Dear Foot Blogger Chick, I finished the Chicago Marathon in October!  Yea for me! But since that time, I have been plagued with various annoyances.  First of all, by the time I finished, my heel was killing me and it still hurts.  I thought that would have gone away by now.  I also had blisters […]

Basketball Toe Injuries

This is part four of our four part series on common basketball injuries.  Today, we are talking toes. I think that injuries to toes just sound awful.  I mean, it sends a shiver through me when I think of stubbing my toe so really having an injured toe seems like it would be uncomfortable.  There […]

Vitamin D and your Healing

Dear Foot Blogger Chick, My friend recently had bunion surgery and before her surgery, she had a blood test.  The blood test showed that she had a vitamin D deficiency.  Why would that matter for her surgery?  Did she develop a bunion because of a vitamin D deficiency? A perplexed friend Dear Perplexed, There is […]

Shin Splints, Anyone?

Dear Reader; This is the third in our four installments on sports injuries.  Basketball season is underway so we are talking about the four most common injuries associated with basketball. This week’s topic is shin splints.  While shin splints are a basketball injury, they are also a common running injury. You can tell you have […]

Sports Injuries – Basketball – Achilles Tendinitis

Dear Reader, Welcome to week two of our series on sports injuries – in particular basketball injuries.  The basketball season is starting and we decided that we would give you some information on the top injuries that we see from basketball players. This week we are talking about Achilles tendinitis. Are you wondering why it […]

Sports Injuries – Basketball – Sprained Ankles

Dear Reader, For the next four weeks we are going to do something a bit different for the Foot Blogger Chick.  With basketball season starting, we decided that we would concentrate on foot and ankle injuries associated with the sport. The Foot Blogger Chick (me, myself, and I) may not know everything about basketball but […]

Ohhh, my foot hurts

  Dear Foot Blogger Chick, Ohhh, my foot hurts!  It started out not so bad but has been getting worse.  The pain seems to be between my 3rdand 4th toe on the ball of my foot.  Make it go away!                                                                                                                                             Sharona Dear Sharona, This is so exciting!   Your name actually rhymes with what it sounds […]

Custom Orthotics vs. OTC Inserts

We are often asked why a patient would get custom orthotics from us rather then just buy over the counter (OTC) inserts.  Here are the top 5 reasons.    1.  There are times that you may feel that you could use something in your shoe to make your feet or legs feel better.  Do you […]