10 Pedicure Do’s and Don’ts

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In the spirit of this holiday season, I thought I would bring to you some tips.  Since it is one of my favorite pampering things to do, I present you with
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10 Pedicure Do’s and Don’ts
10.  If you are going to a nail salon, really take a look around.  Is it clean?  Can you see them clean the pedicure chairs between customers?  Is there a sterilizer for the utensils?  Does the salon feel clean in general?  In not, leave and go somewhere else.
9.  Check and see if there is a salon near you where you either bring your own pedicure tools or you buy them and they keep and clean them for you at the salon.  This way the tools are only touching your feet.  No contamination from other feet for you!
8.  Don’t round the edges of your toe nails.  This is how you can end up with an ingrown toe nail.
7.  Go early in the morning for your pedicure.  The salons are cleanest then.
6.  If you have diabetes, don’t go to a nail salon for your pedicure.  Check and see – many podiatric offices offer services that will be safe and clean for you.  You may even like the polish colors better….
5.  Do use a pumice store or file to remove dead skin from your feet.  The tech should not be using a blade to remove the dead skin.  The possibility of getting a cut that could get infected is a real threat.
4.  Don’t use the same tools for your feet and hands.  If you have an infection in one area, you will then transfer it to the other area.  (fungus toe nails can turn into fungus finger nails- Yuck!)
3.  Use moisturizer on your feet.  They can get really dried out in the winter.  Your feet would scream for an emollient rich cream if they could scream…
2.  Don’t use a sharp file to clean under your toe nails.  The sharp file can cut the delicate skin under the nail and set you up for an infection.
It is the time you have been waiting for….
1.  Don’t shave your legs right before you go for a pedicure.  The corollary to this is don’t go for a pedicure if you have cuts or sores on your legs.  If you have any breaks in the skin, it is possible for an infection to be able get into your skin.
This is my #1 suggestion just because I had never heard it before I was working on this piece and it makes sense to me.
I hope you have enjoyed these pedicure dos and don’ts… .
Have a wonderful holiday season.  A new year is coming and it will have lots of new information.  Make us part of your New Year’s resolutions! I’m lonely when you aren’t around!
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