New Year – New Feet 2012

Happy New Year!!!
I love new anything and new years are about the best!  There is something about a fresh start that makes me full of enthusiasm and hope.  And believe me, here in the Midwest, that can be pretty hard to find.  After all, it is dark and cold pretty often in winter here. Enthusiasm can be hard to find in the cold and dark. I think it doesn’t like the cold either….
Just think of the possibilities!  Think of all the great things you can do for your feet in 2013!  They can be healthy and strong which is pretty important when they are what holds you up.  They are your foundation and we want that foundation to be strong!
Looking back over the last few months, we have provided you with some tips and information regarding your feet.  I look forward to giving you more tips in the upcoming year.  In the process of looking back to look forward, let’s review some of the things we have learned.  I have added a link to any of the posts that you might like to review.
Just last week, we learned about dos and don’ts of pedicures.  My favorite don’t – Don’t shave your legs right before your pedicure.  Wow, I never would have thought  of that!

We learned that people with diabetes need to take special care with their feet.  Due to the loss of feeling that can accompany the disease, what could be a small problem can quickly escalate.  People with diabetes should have regular appointments with their friendly podiatrist to have their feet checked.

I also found it interesting that planning for the entire marathon is important.  Don’t just plan your training and how to run the race, plan for the time after the race.  Be ready for the post race let down and treat your feet well.

We have talked about custom orthotics and why they are better for your feet and will meet your needs better and less expensively than over the counter orthotics.

What is the MOST important lesson that I have learned being the Foot Blogger Chick?  There is a clear winner.

There you have it.  It is the biggest lesson I have learned in foot care.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be with you weekly.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Happy New Year to you – I hope we have a great time together this next year!
The Foot Blogger Chic

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