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Let’s start this week’s topic with a little anatomy lesson. Not like the one in the song above but we’ll look at the anatomy of the foot. As we have talked about before, you have 26 bones in your foot. This is over 25 percent of the bones in your body. Each of the bones […]

Stalactites, Stalagmites and Osteophytes

I can never remember which grows up – a stalagmite or a stalactite. Not that I think of them that often nor am I sure I have ever seen one in person. I must have, right? I have seen lots of pictures but I don’t know how many caves I have explored.   In case […]

Healthy Foot Habits

Healthy Foot Habits Yes, these are for you This week I am thinking about healthy foot habits. We all need to have them but I don’t think we  always practice them. Your feet are very important to you. Think about it – how would you get around without them? Not many of us could use […]

Arch Pain From Skiing on Flat Feet

S P R I N G   B R E A K ! ! ! ! Are there two better words at this time of year? For many, spring break can mean going somewhere warm and getting a tan for the final weeks of school. But for others, the lure of the slopes for the last […]

Morton’s Neuroma

Have you ever accidentally stepped on a Lego piece or a Barbie shoe? Oh, it really hurts. It is enough to make you swear you will clean up those pieces all the time.   So imagine what it would be like to feel like you were stepping on a pebble every time you took a […]

And Now For Some Giggles

The sun is out and it is supposed to warm up over the weekend. I am feeling like it is too nice to talk about serious foot issues. So today we will share foot riddles. Yes, there such a thing as foot riddles. To warm you up for foot riddles, you can watch the following […]

Got an Itch?

Got an itch? So, your friend told you about this great new soap. The smell is awesome and it is just terrific. You run out and buy it. And it is heavenly. It smells so good and it makes you feel great. And then… You suddenly notice that your feet itch. They not only itch […]

Wow! That Hammer Fell on Your Toe

Let’s talk broken toes.  Doesn’t sound like a fun topic, right?  Like the ankle sprains we talked about last week, there is a possibility that there was something klutzy involved with a broken toe. There are generally two types of toe fractures or broken toes.  One is from repetitive stress, like when a runner suddenly […]

Did you fall?

Last week we talked about high ankle sprains. Most high ankle sprains happen to athletes or those playing sports like basketball, football, or soccer. But what about the rest of us? If you are like me, you will just sprain your ankle. Not to belittle a sprained ankle because they hurt and are exceedingly inconvenient. […]

High Ankle Sprains

Is this your favorite part of the Super Bowl? This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. This could mean one of three things to you. It could mean that there could be a good football game with more of a party than usual or it could mean that there will be some great new commercials to […]