Morton’s Neuroma

Have you ever accidentally stepped on a Lego piece or a Barbie shoe? Oh, it really hurts. It is enough to make you swear you will clean up those pieces all the time.
So imagine what it would be like to feel like you were stepping on a pebble every time you took a step. Or maybe it felt like your sock was not on right and was scrunched under your foot. That is the feeling you get when you have Morton’s Neuroma.
That name sounds pretty intense, right? I think you might elicit sympathy if you told someone you had Morton’s neuroma.
Morton’s neuroma is usually felt between the 3rdand 4th toes. While it cannot be seen when looking at the foot, the pain is because a nerve in the foot is irritated. In the wonderful way our body will try and protect itself, when the nerve is irritated, the tissue around the nerve will thicken to try and protect it. This thickening of the tissue can cause a sharp burning pain in the ball of the foot. Also, the toes can have a stinging or burning feeling or the toes can be numb.
If you start to feel pressure or the “pebble effect” then you need to see your friendly local podiatrist as soon as possible. Morton’s neuroma is one of those issues that the more you ignore it the more the issues grows. If you catch it quickly then you can make a few simple changes and it will be healed. If you wait, you could have to have injections into the site or possibly need to have surgery. So, do yourself a favor and go to see the doctor faster rather than slower.
Are you wondering how you could develop Morton’s neuroma? One of the most common causes comes from that old problem – ill-fitting shoes. Since you really should know when your shoes don’t fit right, you can correct this problem (and you should!) pretty quickly. Also, if you have any foot issues like bunions, hammertoes, or flat feet, you may be at higher risk to develop a Morton’s neuroma. Actives that involve repeated motion like running or playing court sports can lead to the development of this issue. Last but not least is trauma. If you have had an injury to your foot, you could develop a neuroma. Once again, I urge you to go see your friendly local podiatrist quickly to have this check out.
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