5 Ideas for Keeping Your Feet Warm


We knew it would happen. We hoped it wouldn’t. (At least most of us hoped it wouldn’t.) But here in the Midwest, it has gotten cold. I have even heard those two words that can bring fear into our hearts – Polar vortex.
Are you ready for going from the warmest December in any of our lifetimes to the frigid cold? Well, you don’t have any choice. The time to get out all the cold weather gear is NOW.

But what is the best way to keep your feet warm/ (I vote for slippers and a blanket but I guess that isn’t realistic.) With the rest of your body, you can dress in layers but that does not work as well with your feet.

The Merino sheep produces great wool for warm socks


Our favorite ideas for keeping your feet warm in winter.
1.        Don’t just pick up your thickest socks and jam them into your shoes or boots. To be safe and healthy, make sure that your footwear and socks work together. Make sure that when your feet are in the footwear that you can wiggle your toes and move your feet comfortably when you walk. If the sock is too thick then don’t wear it in those shoes or boots. Make sure that your feet are comfortable and your toes are wiggly. You might want to think of it this way – thick socks in shoes and thin socks in boots.
2.       No cotton. Really. I have told you this before. Cotton socks absorb sweat (and your feet will sweat even in winter) and let the moisture just sit next to your skin. You are much better off with wool socks or moisture wicking socks.

3.       If your feet are always cold, try using sock liners under your socks. They will add a thin layer of warmth. But do check to make sure that your feet  are comfortable when you add sock liners in the mix.



4.       There are winter footbeds that you can put in your shoes. These footbeds put a layer between the soles of your feet and your shoes. Once again, check to see that when you put them in your shoes that your feet are still comfortable with your socks.


5.       Always carry an extra pair of socks with you. That way if your socks are wet (from the elements or sweat) you can change into a nice dry pair.
We hope these tips help you keep nice and warm in the coming weeks.
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