What Size Shoes Do Elves Wear?

What Size Shoes Do Elves Wear?

I was thinking about this question this morning. Yes, that is the sort of thing that goes through my mind when I am writing this blog. As you probably can guess, my thoughts then turn to more serious matters and I switch gears. But since Christmas is in two days, I am not going to switch to more serious matters today. You might be tired of my foot trivia posts; I will try something new this week.

T’was the night before the night before Christmas and the elves were busy busy busy getting everything ready for “Santa’s Big Day” It was crunch time and somehow there was always just one more present to make.

But there was Sammy elf sitting in the corner rubbing his feet. This sight did not warm the hearts of the other elves. It started with sideways glances and then there were some elbow nudges. Pretty soon there was an ominous mumble rising from the work tables. Seemly oblivious, Sammy rubbed his feet and leaned back his head. As much as he didn’t want to get involved with the elf skirmishes, Santa could tell that he had to do something soon or Sammy would have more to worry about than is obviously sore feet.

Santa strode over to Sammy and looked down at him. “Sammy, there seems to be a problem. What is wrong?”
Sammy was a not exactly an upbeat guy. In his best whiney voice, he said “My feet are killing me. I think it’s these shoes. It hurts too much to stand.”
Santa looked at the shoes and could see the problem immediately.“Sammy, those shoes have no support and they look kinda small for your feet.”
Now, while Santa was not one to point out differences in people, it was plain as the nose on his face that Sammy had really big feet for an elf.

Sammy sighed. “But Santa, I got the biggest shoes I could find in the elf shoe department.”

“Come with me.” Santa took Sammy by the hand and led him to the shoemaker. (Okay the guy normally made shoes for dolls but a shoemaker was a shoemaker, right?)

“Paul, I need to your make some comfortable shoes for Sammy and I need you to do it right quick.”

Paul looked at Santa and looked at Sammy and his feet. He indicated that Sammy should sit down and he wordlessly started measuring his feet.

The other elves watched. Santa frowned and pointed to the clock on the wall.”It is time for all of you to get back to work now. These toys don’t make themselves, you know. “
Paul yanked on Santa’s jacket. “Sammy needs more support than my shoes provide. Take him to the doctor while I make the shoes.”

Santa mumbled something that sounded like “I might have better things to do” walked Sammy to the doctor.

Now, the North Pole is a place where a lot of people live. They have their own doctors there to help when someone gets sick (rarely) or hurt (sometimes). Santa and Sammy walked into the clinic and Santa explained the problem to Mandy.

“He will need to see our friendly podiatrist who can make him a pair of orthotics in the wink of an eye!” (It was the North Pole after all – time frames are a bit different there.) Santa ordered Sammy to get back to work ASAP and left Sammy with Mindy.

Within and hour,  Sammy was working with new properly sized shoes, which had custom orthotics. Sammy felt like a new elf. He hummmed while he worked because for once his feet felt great! He even volunteered to work beyond his shift.

And the moral of our story – you need the proper equipment to do your best work. Sometimes that means that you need shoes that fit and give you the support you need for long hours on your feet. If your shoes don’t provide enough support, then a pair of custom orthotics can make all the difference in the world.

Oh, and that podiatrists are magical. (Okay, I might be pushing it with that one.)

Wishing you the best this Holiday Season!

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