Cold Weather Training

As mentioned in our last blog, training in the cold months can be a great time to prepare for any sport or race. Training in the cold results in more calories burned since your body has to work harder to stay warmer. However, one of the most important cold training steps is care for your feet.

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First thing is: have the right shoe, not just in fit, but style. Less mesh keeps warmth in and slush out. Many top shoe makers have a 365 day a year shoe line. See an expert to get fitted properly. Remember, moisture can also cause fungus and infections to the feet. Next, wear socks that deter wetness and keep your feet warm. SmartWool is a great recommendation!

Not only do you have to think of just your feet to keep your feet healthy and warm, but your whole body. If you keep your head covered, you help keep the rest of your body warm, even those tiny toes. Pay attention to temperatures to know how many layers you need. Avoid any loose clothing or socks.

Always remember to warm up. Stretch and move inside without breaking a sweat. The circulation to the feet will be beneficial for more flexibility and better range of motion to your stride. Once you work up your sweat, take the time to cool down. It will help normalize your body and prevent injury, especially in legs and feet. To learn more and to schedule an appointment visit .

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