Cold Weather Feet Tips

Brrrr! Winter is upon us and so is the need for cold weather foot care. Many may not realize how much the cold can affect the feet. So, whether you are stumbling in snow, trekking into sub zero temperatures, or stepping into wet puddles, it is essential to take care of your feet.Podiatrist Chicago IL

Here are some great tips for bearing the COLD with some popular scenarios!

Mountains anyone? When skiing or snowboarding, only wear boots that are designed for that reason. Make sure they fit snug, but with ability to wiggle toes while immobilizing the heel. It is recommended to get properly fitted before hitting the slopes.

Don’t stop running! Running in the winter months is a great calorie burning exercise, but invest in moisture absorbing socks and active wear to help stay warm and dry. Remember to STRETCH and warm up! By not doing so, you risk injury because cold temperatures tighten muscles leaving you less flexible. Also, shorten strides to help maintain stability, especially in wet or icy terrain.

Warm up! Boots and warm socks are essential, but too much warmth can make feet sweaty that can lead to bacteria and eventually infections. To reduce the risk, incorporate foot powder into socks and warm foot baths into your foot care regime.

Size smart! Buying boots a size too big might be wise for the wallet, but not for feet, especially for children. Unlike coats, footwear needs to fit properly right away. Socks or footwear that is too small can lead to chafing, blisters and other injuries.

For questions related to cold weather foot care, always call your specialists at Chicago DPM.

Stay toasty! Podiatrist Chicago IL

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