5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Walk Around the House Barefoot.


Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”        Robin Williams
So, how do you celebrate the warm weather?  While I would probably tell you that I don’t do anything special, upon reflection, that is not really true. Even though I know better, I will start going around the house barefoot. I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it but old habits die hard and I will take off my shoes when I walk in the house and not put on my slippers. It is a rite of spring, isn’t it? 

Well, it shouldn’t be. That’s right, I am trying to be the adult here and stop doing something that I know is not the right thing to do.

5 Reasons why you should not walk around the house barefoot


1.        Because you can stub your toe. That’s right. That painful thing that we all do would not happen if you had shoes or sandals on your feet. Stubbed toes are painful but they also are sometimes really broken toes or can lead to damaged toe nails.
2.       Let me put this in a way you will probably easily understand. Stepping on that Barbie shoe or that Lego piece will not hurt as much if you have shoes on. If those don’t apply to you, think about that hot cookie just out of the oven that you decide you want to eat. And then part of it (especially part with a gooey hot chocolate chip) falls on your foot. If you had shoes on, you would not “feel the burn.”


3.       I don’t know about you but I drop things. (Okay, I might be a touch clumsy.)  Dropping the hole punch or a book on my foot does not hurt (as much) or cause as much damage if I have on shoes.
4.       Maybe it is just me but I have a dog that will stand on my foot. (Maybe my clumsiness rubbed off on her) Or maybe it is your child or a neighbor that will accidentally step on your foot. Of course if your neighbor steps on your foot you might want to talk to that person about allowing you to have some personal space. Children and pets don’t ever understand personal space. Or let’s say you and your significant other decide the you need to practice your ballroom dancing. You definitely need to wear shoes for that!
5.       This is my favorite reason for not walking around the house barefoot. You could get a foreign body stuck in your foot. (If you have missed it before, I have a thing about the term “foreign body”.)  This simply means that you could pick up a splinter or nail or something sharp that is on your floor when you are barefoot. Are you thinking that would not could not happen?  I beg to differ. I was in my basement one day and stepped on something sharp and my husband had to pull it out of my foot. Also, if you are person who likes to sew, you know that there can be “the pin that got away” and you could easily step on it.  
I hope that I have given you a reason or five to wear something on your feet when you are around the house. I know it is warmer and sunnier and so tempting to wriggle those toes but please think about it before you go barefoot.


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Easter.

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