5 Reasons Why You Should Not Think Flip Flops are Shoes


Yes, it is time for one of my least popular posts of the year.
I know you love your flip flops. You wear them everywhere. They are so easy and sooo comfortable. I have heard a million reasons why I am wrong and that flop flops are the best things for your feet.
I hate to be the one to tell you this but you are wrong. Well, I am sure you think they are comfortable and easy to wear. After all, they come in all colors and many even are in prints.
But they are not good for your feet. It is my role as Foot Blogger Chick to burst your bubble on this one. I hate to be the one to do it but sometimes I have to “woman up” and tell you the bitter truth. I know that just saying that they are bad for your feet won’t cut it so I will give you my top 5 reasons why they are bad for you to wear  all over town.

There is one HUGE exemption from my ban on flip flops. You should wear them … (trumpets, please) when you are in public showers, locker rooms and around swimming pools. Yes, you should wear them for the reason they were created. They were made to protect your feet from various bacteria and fungus that can be found in wet public areas.


My top 5 reasons why you should NOT think flip flops are shoes
1.        Flip flops offer no support whatsoever for your feet. Think of your poor arch being pounded and compressed because there is nothing to help support it. And when your arch is not supported then your plantar fascia is not supported and it is stretched. (ever heard of plantar fasciitis?) Also, studies have shown that wearing flip flops affect your walking pattern because your foot rolls in more than usual. This can lead to tendinitis.
2.       Ankle sprains are a common injury for the flip flop crowd.
3.       People, they are plastic shoes. First of all really, you want to wear plastic shoes? If that shaming didn’t work, let me point out that plastic shoes do not absorb sweat. Your feet will give off as much as half a pint of moisture (i.e. sweat) a day. Since the plastic does not absorb the sweat, then it is sitting there between your foot and the plastic. The moisture will cause the skin on your foot to deteriorate. This deterioration can allow bacteria and fungus to get through the skin.
4.       The thin plastic (once again plastic shoes?) can easily punctured by random debris. This random debris is actually referred to as foreign objects. I can’t decide if I like random debris or foreign objects better. ANYWAY, it means that you can puncture the bottom of flip flops with nails, metal, rocks, or some other discarded item. So those plastic shoes do not offer protection when you are out walking.

5.       The (plastic) straps and thong can cause friction on your foot and between your toes. The constant rubbing can cause blisters or just a breakdown of the skin. And that can (repeat after me) cause bacteria and fungus to have easy entry into your skin.

I know is it hard to get converts to my non-flip flop wearing world but I really think you should consider it. There are so many cute sandals that you could get that would offer some support for you poor foot and they would absorb the moisture, and be very attractive. Be good to your feet. You need them and there is nothing worse than when they are hurt.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick (who does not wear flip flops)
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