Two Months to Marathon


We are now two months away from the Chicago Marathon. If you are running in, it you have my sincerest applause for your dedication. Also, with two months to go, your preparations should be moving along.
You should be gearing up for your final long run before the big day. You want your final long run to be four weeks before the race. Our advice to you is to train often and then once a week have a long run. Run a bit longer each week so that in 4 weeks you are running about 20 miles. Then start to taper back before the big race. I know that you know this already but it will take you some time to recover from that 20 mile run. That is why you want to have a month between that run and the marathon.
Now is the time to be careful and avoid injury. Race day is not the day to change anything or try something new. If you have things that you are thinking might help your running, now is the time to try them.
Think about your shoes. How are they holding up? Are they comfortable while you are running? Is it time to start breaking in a new pair (or two) so that you have a comfortable pair ready for the marathon? You don’t want an injury because you are running in worn out shoes or shoes that are not comfortable.
Are you feeling some discomfort in your feet while running? Perhaps you should go see your friendly local podiatrist and have your feet checked. It could be that some custom fit orthotics would help you. Time is running short to get them. They have to be custom made and then you have to get adjust to running in them. If you are thinking about this, the time to move is now.
Are you running in the socks that you are planning to wear during the race? If you are thinking of changing them, it is time to change and see if the change works for you.


As the race gets closer, you will want to practice and decide on how you will hydrate during the race. Find what works best for you. I have read that you should stick to one type of hydration during the race. I think this is an individual decision but you should experiment now and find what is best for you. Then on race day you will know what you want to do. Once again, race day is not the day to experiment.
At this point you have some realistic goals for the race but what about after the race? It is time to think about what you will do after the race. What is the next thing for you? Studies have shown that those who plan beyond the race recover quicker after the marathon. So take some time to think about what your next goal will be – you will be healthier for it!
I hope your training runs are going great.
Your Pal,


The Foot Blogger Chick
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