Starting to Repair my Winter Feet

Doesn’t that picture look nice?  Do your feet look like that? I wish mine did but now that we are deep into winter, I need to hide mine in boots. I feel like my feet look like hobbit feet. (Not that I really know what hobbit feet look like but you get the idea.)
So, what to do about my messy feet?
This week, I think I will start with my toes. If they look better, the whole foot will look better. The first long range thing I should do to prepare for the summer is have my toe nails checked. I think that I have a bad case of toe nail fungus but it could be that I have thick toe nails. Either way, it is time to get them checked and do what needs to be done to get them looking nice again.
If my problem is a toe nail fungal infection I know that even with treatment, it will take months before my nails will look better. They have to grow out to look better. But in the meantime, I will need to work with my friendly local podiatrist to determine which treatment is best for me. I am leaning toward having the laser treatment as it seems to be the most likely treatment to work. I also like that with the protocol in my doctor’s office (Evanston Podiatric Surgeons) they give me a steri shoe to use in to kill off any of the fungus that might be living in my shoes. (That is not a pleasant thought.)
I have thought about the oral medicine that you can take to kill off the fungus but the thought of having to get blood tests to make sure that it has not affected my liver turns me off. I am not a fan of needles, I would worry about my liver, and my insurance does not cover the cost of the medicine. (It is really expensive.)
I could try the medicine that you paint on your nails each night. But, knowing myself (and being ready to admit it) I am not consistent enough for that treatment. You have to do it every night for six months to a year. I am not sure that I would make it a week.
So as my first step to prepare for summer, I am going to make an appointment right now and get my toes checked and really get the issue taken care of so that by summer, my toes will be gorgeous.
I will be the one at the beach with the beautiful feet.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick
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