Planning for the End of the Year

The end of the year is time for many things. There are many holidays and the shortest day of the year. I love the shortest day of the year. Why?  Because it means that we are going to have longer days coming. We won’t be in the dark forever!It is also time to look at your health.

Have you reached your deductible for the year?  Have you made those appointments that you are due for but didn’t quite get around to yet?  Now is the time!  December will be over faster than we can believe and your health insurance deductible will start over. Also, you may have some time off at the end of the year and can get to the doctor.
Were you thinking of getting that bunion taken care of this year?  Have you made your appointment yet?  It takes some time to get surgeries set up (pre-op doctor visits, insurance approvals, etc.) so you need to move fast if you are going to get the surgery in this year.

How about that toe nail fungus?  If you go have the treatment now, then you will be ready for summer with beautiful toe nails. Just think, you can watch your nails look better and watch the days get longer. But the time to get it done for summer is now.

I know we just finished diabetes awareness month but let me give those of you with diabetes a reminder. You not only need to see your primary care doctor and endocrinologist but you should stop in and have your friendly local podiatrist check your feet. Also you need your yearly eye exam and you semi-annual dentist check. Have you been keeping up with your appointments?  Take the time to set them up now so that you can finish the year in good shape.

With all the parties and frivolity this time of year, it is the perfect season for gout flare ups. If you are a faithful reader of this blog, you know that gout is a form of arthritis. It is a progressive disease unless you take care of it. Have you had flare ups that you have ignored. Why not take the time now to see the doctor so that you can enjoy the holiday season without the pain from gout?
We hope that you will take the time to review your medical needs now and get them all set by the end of the year. After all, you are very important to us!

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