Flip Flops vs. Sandals

Dear Foot Blogger Chick,
I am so excited about summer. I have had it with wearing boots all the time. I can’t wait to get back to my summer sandals. I do have a question for you. Last fall, I developed plantar fasciitis. Will that make any difference in the type of sandal I should wear? It is just beginning to feel better and I don’t want to set it off again. 
Foot Loose
Dear Foot Loose,
Good Question! Summer is the time when the flip flops come out. Cheap flip flops are definitely not what you need to wear. One of the things that you want to do since your foot is getting better is make sure that your foot is really stable and supported in your summer sandals. How can you do that? Well there are a couple of thing to look for in a sandal.
Things to look for to keep your foot stable in a sandal –
1.       A heel cup. Make sure there is a heel cup in the shoe so that your foot is not floating on a flat base. The heel cup will help to hold your foot in place and keep it from sliding around. 
2.       The ideal is to have arch support. If your arch is supported then your plantar ligament is supported and not just being stretched by a flat bottom shoe.
3.        An ankle strap that also helps to hold your foot in place is also a big help.
  I know that looks like a fancy flip flop. It is technically a flip flop. But notice the differences. There is a heel cup and arch support. Both of these things are very important and will make a difference in your long term foot care.  So, if you feel you just have to wear a flip flop, make sure it is one with some support. 
When you should wear a flip flop –
1.       In a public shower
2.       Around a swimming pool
3.       At the beach to save your foot from being burned by the sand
If you have perfect bone structure in your feet and your weight doesn’t fluctuate, flip flops are actually an option for you. But, if you are like the rest of the world, the lack of support will be an issue. 
Times you should NOT wear flip flops-

1.       When doing yard work
2.       When hiking or running
3.       When moving  objects
4.       When doing home repair projects
And yes, people wear flip flops while doing those things all the time. And people get injured doing those things in flip flops all the time. When you are wearing flip flops, your feet are not protected or supported. Do yourself a favor and just make sure you wear the right shoes for the occasion.
Your Pal,

Foot Blogger Chick
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