4 Tips for Getting the Right Ski Boots

The winter holidays are coming up and we know that many of you will head to the slopes if not over the holiday then over the next few months.

One of the most important things about your day on the slope will be your ski boots.  Your ski boots will control your day on the slopes.  Getting the right fit is important because if you don’t, your feet will hurt and that can prematurely end your day on the slopes and decrease your enjoyment of the day.
 The first step in getting the right boots is taking your time.  Don’t think that you can rush in and get fitted and then hit the slopes.  It is important to take the time to get the fit right.  Don’t go in pressuring yourself to get on the slopes.
2.       Make sure that the person helping you fit the boots is a professional.  Don’t let Cousin Sid pick out your boots because he has been skiing three more times than you have.  Get someone who does this for a living and knows what questions to ask so that your time on the slopes will be maximized.
3.       Answer the ski staff asks truthfully.  This is not the time to shave a bit off your weight or overestimate your abilities.  The reason for the questions is to make sure you are comfortable and able to have a good time on the slopes.

4.       You need to get the ski boot on completely before you decided whether it fits.  Until your foot is in, the boot buckled up, and you have flexed forward at the knee, you won’t really know about the fit.  The boot needs to fit firmly without movement.  I have heard it said that it should fit like a firm handshake.


    Don’t forget to wear your custom orthotics in your ski boots.  If you don’t have them, go see your friendly local podiatrist to have a pair made for your feet.  The custom orthotics will help correct any pronation.

6.       There are now socks specifically made for skiers.  These socks are thin socks made of wicking materials that will serve to make your feet more comfortable during your day on the slopes.  It is not the time to wear those cotton socks.  Not only will they hold in the sweat but they are known to slip down in ski boots and that bunched up sock will shorten your day.

7.       ASK QUESTIONS.  Ask the person helping you any question you have.  Don’t hesitate.  They are there to help you.  The person who asks a million questions pays the same amount that you do so ask away.

I have one other important thought about your day of skiing.  Don’t forget your sunscreen.  Not only there a reflection from the slopes but there is also a lot of wind as you swish down the slopes. 

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