Are Your Feet Ready for Their Close Up?

Have you heard about “selfeets”? It is a new trending thing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It basically involves taking pictures of your feet. (like “selfie” but of your feet) Some of the pictures involve just feet in interesting shoes or bare feet. Then there seems to be another group that are pictures of feet on interesting floors or with a beach in the background.
Are your feet ready for their close up?
I don’t know about you but I am not ready to break out the sandals. My feet look horrible and they need some attention before they are ready for prime time. How am I going to get them ready for their close up?
As I see it, there are three choices for getting my feet back in sandal shape. I could do it myself, I could go to one of those nail places that are everywhere, or I could go to my friendly local podiatrist. I am busy making a pro and con list in my head for each, let me share the list with you.
Do It Myself
Obviously, the first pro on the list is cost. The pedicure will take time but not money since I do own nail clippers and emery boards. I also have nail polish, a pumice stone and moisturizer. So, I own all the elements needed. So, if I own all the elements, why haven’t I taken care of it before. While we all know that if I found this important enough, I would find the time to do it. It just hasn’t become that high a priority for me yet. Also, I might want to get a new shade of nail polish – one of this spring’s colors. (Here are some color suggestions from Cosmopolitan Magazine)
I never feel that I do as good a job as the professionals.  Maybe this is an instance of practice makes progress…. There are also you tube videos to give pointers on how to do the perfect pedicure. I watched several of these as research for you. (Right, I didn’t get anything out of it.)  You might want to check out really shows the entire pedicure or shows how to work on your dry skin with natural ingredients.     There are many other videos that you can watch. (Yes, I just sat and watched several of them. Insert your comment here about how I spend my time….)
Go to a nail salon
Unless you have a salon that you normally go to and you know it is clean, then you have a little work to do to find a “clean salon”. I have written about picking a salon before in a post entitled 5 Things to Check Before a Pedicure. There is also 10 Pedicure Do’s and Don’ts. Please make sure the salon you go to is clean so that you can avoid any infections – either fungal or bacterial.
Go to your friendly local podiatrist
Going to your friendly local podiatrist is a definite option. First off, you can check to see if they have a Medi spa where they routinely do pedicures. Going to the office for your pedicure will mean that you know the bowl and utensils are clean and safe.
If there isn’t a medi spa in the office, you can still go to have your toe nails cut currectly. It might be that you have trouble cutting your own nails or you have diabetes, or really thick toe nails, with these conditions, going to your friendly local podiatrist is the best answer. Toe nail cutting is even covered by Medicare.
Let’s face it, going to your friendly local podiatrist is the safest option because of his or her training. Not only do they know how to correctly cut nails but they also can check your feet for overall health. If you skin is dry, they can recommend products to help rid you of the dry skin. While you may not get polish on your toes this way, you will be really ready to do it yourself when you get home.
Have a great week. Are you part of the selfeet contributors? Well clean up your feet and join in the fun!



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