Running with Flat Feet


Do you have flat feet? I don’t mean that you think your feet look pretty flat. I mean has a doctor looked at your feet and told you that you have flat feet?
If you have flat feet, you have some potential problems with running. Most of the problems come if you, because of your flat feet, overpronate when your foot hits the ground. By over pronating, I mean that your foot rolls inward to such an extent that it is past the point that it can be a shock absorber for your body. When this happens, you could have problems with shin splints, back problems, or tendinitis in the knee. Just because you have flat feet, it does not mean that you will over pronate but it is an indication that you should pay attention to for your own sake.
The following video gives you several tests for checking your pronation.
If you have determined that you are an over pronator, then you need to look for running shoes that offer support for over pronation. You will want the outer sole of the shoe to bend only at the toe and not at the arch. You need the arch support so you don’t want any flexibility there. Then you need to look at the back of the shoe and see that it is rigid so that it supports the heel bone. Last but not least,  you want the toe box to have plenty of room for your foot. You may need a wider width to accommodate your feet while running.
As we have said before, you really should go to a store that specializes in running shoes so that the person working with you really knows what kind of shoes would be best so that you avoid injury.
You may also find that orthotics may offer even more support for your feet and help you avoid injury. You can try over the counter orthotics but you will probably find that custom orthotics are best because they really support your foot. The over the counter orthotics are made to fit the average foot. (Your Mother always told you that you weren’t average, right?)  Your friendly local podiatrist can help you with determining if you indeed have flat feet, if you are an over pronator and can have custom orthotics made to help prevent injuries.
We want your running to be enjoyable not a sport where you are injured. If you are feeling any discomfort when running, stop by and check out your feet with the doctor. The faster you check, the faster you will be back on the road!
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