YIKES! Why Do My Feet Look Like That!

There are many surprises during pregnancy. Of all the changes that occur, changes to your feet and legs can cause concern.

Pregnancy foot changes
During pregnancy, your body produces hormones to relax the ligaments in your body. Some of the ligaments that relax are in your feet. Between the weight that is gained during pregnancy and the relaxing of the ligaments, your feet can get up to a size bigger and your arch may fall a bit.
Okay, I understand that you don’t want to have to buy shoes in a larger size. But please do it. Not only do you not need to have your feet hurt because your shoes are uncomfortable but you can cause some problems.
Quick shoe buying tips
1.        Go shopping later in the day when your feet are the most swollen.
2.        Buy shoes that are comfortable NOW. Do not think that they will be better after you “break   them in”.
3.       Make sure that your toes have plenty of space in the toe box of the shoe. While standing press the space above your longest toe to make sure you have some room there.
4.       If you are buying boots, make sure that there is plenty of space for your legs to swell inside the boots.
Possible problems from small shoes
The first issue that comes to mind is that you can develop ingrown toe nails from your now too small shoes rubbing on your toes. It is important for you to know that even if you are pregnant, you can go to your friendly local podiatrist to get ingrown toe nails healthy again.
Also wearing shoes that are too small will cause blisters and those can cause infections. Infections can be serious so you need to avoid situations that could cause them.
The other thing that you could notice is that your feet are hurting because your arch is lower. A quick check with your friendly local podiatrist will see if perhaps during your pregnancy you would feel more comfortable with orthotics to support your foot.
One of the other things that can happen during pregnancy is that your legs and feet will swell. While it is normal, it can be uncomfortable. There are some things that you can do to ease the problem. You might want to try the following:
1.        Consume plenty of water. Dehydration will make the situation worse.
2.       Lay down with your feet raised above the level of your heart. This way the blood will be able to flow back toward your heart and can ease your symptoms.
3.       Do some simple ankle rotation exercises. Sit with one of your legs raised up. Turn your ankle to the left 10 times and then to the right 10 times.  Switch legs and repeat the rotations 10 times on each leg.
4.       Put your feet up and ice your ankles for 15 – 20 minutes each hour.
Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you should talk to your doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek reassurance.
We hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy. Congratulations!
Your Pal,
Foot Blogger Chick
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