Top 9 Steps for Diabetic Daily Footcare

I know, I know, you are probably tired of me talking about diabetic feet.  I will stop when diabetics stop having their feet or toes or legs amputated.  Okay?  It is that important.  So here is a daily checklist for your  use.
To start the day –
1.        CHECK YOUR FEET – You need to take the minute to really look them over. You are looking for any discoloration, spots, or color changes. Check the skin and the nails.  If you cannot check yourself, either have someone help you or buy an extendable mirror that you can use to see ALL of your foot. (click here for an example – Amazon extension mirror.)  IF YOU SEE A CHANGE, GO TO YOUR FRIENDLY LOCAL PODIATRIST RIGHT AWAY!!
2.     TICKLE YOUR FEET – Yes, I mean it. If you have someone else that you want to tickle your feet, that is your business but tickle your feet. Why? Because if you find that they are suddenly not ticklish then you know that you are losing feeling in your foot and you need to get to the doctor. FAST. Call your friendly local podiatrist and have it checked out.
3.      MOISTURIZE YOUR FEET – Dry, cracked feet are not only unattractive but they are also channels for infection. Keep those puppies soft and the skin supple. Really, I would not kid you about this. Okay, that itching your feet thing under the covers is just odd but it is more important for the health of your feet.
4.     KEEP YOUR TOE NAILS CUT STRAIGHT ACROSS – You want to be very careful cutting your toe nails. This is the easiest way to get a cut on your foot. If you cannot feel your feet then please have someone else cut your nails. Having the podiatrist do it would be best.
5.      WEAR SOCKS THAT FIT – You don’t want to wear socks that are tight that leave marks on your feet or legs.  Your socks should not be that tight. Also, wear socks made of natural fibers as much as possible. Your feet need to breathe.
6.     WEAR THE CORRECT SIZE SHOES – Your shoes should not bind or leave marks or blisters on your feet. Buy your shoes later in the day when your feet are swollen from the day. Don’t buy them and think that you will break them in. Buy shoes that are comfortable right away.
7.      ROTATE YOUR SHOES – Don’t wear the same shoes every day. Your shoes need a day to dry out after you wear them. Wearing the same shoes day in and day out will make it easy for fungus to get into your foot.
8.       CHECK YOUR SHOES BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON – Okay, this one was a surprise for me. Make sure that nothing is in your shoe before you put it on. This is a great habit. Yes, there is a story to go with this one. A friend of a friend was at the airport and went through security. This friend was diabetic and had lost feeling in his feet. He left security and discovered that he was missing his watch. He walked back and asked for his watch.  The agent had put his watch in his shoe. He couldn’t feel it and by the time he looked, his feet were a bloody mess. So, even if you can feel the slightest touch on your feet, check inside your shoes anyway. It is a good habit to start.
9.    BEFORE YOU GO TO BED – Give your feet the once over again. Come on. It only takes a minute and it makes a difference.
Are you wondering why it is 9 things instead of 10 things? Because I could cover the things to do in 9 steps and you don’t really want another step do you?
Have a great week.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send them to or leave them in the comment section below. I am not a doctor but I check with one before answering questions.
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