Spring Foot Care Tips

Spring has officially sprung! It’s time to release your toes from their winter slumber and bring out the fun, flirty sandals. Most of us could use a bit of pampering before we put our feet on display.
So, before you slip into open-toed shoes, learn how to give your feet a seasonal makeover.

1. Pamper your feet! Soak, exfoliate, buff, trim and moisturize. Regular pedicures are recommended. Continue to moisturize your feet daily and avoid putting any moisturizing lotion in between toes. Instead, sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch between the toes to keep the area dry.Podiatrist Chicago

2. Check for Corns and Calluses. Look for thickened areas of skin on the feet that hurt when they rub up against shoes. Don’t try to cut or burn them off yourself — you could injure your skin and cause an infection. Instead, make an appointment with your Podiatrist to take care of these growths.

3. Watch out for fungal infections. Classic symptoms include:
• redness or blisters on the affected area
• the infected skin may be soft, or layers may start to break down
• peeling or cracking skin
• the skin may scale and peel away
• itching, stinging, or burning sensations in the infected area
Ideally, if you suffer from these symptoms, it is best to visit a Podiatrist, so that we can treat them successfully.

4. Get your spring shoes out of the closet and inspect them, if they look or feel worn out, consider getting some new shoes for spring.

5. Get any injuries sorted out now.

If you’re increasing your training either for an event or just making the most of the better weather, then you may find yourself nursing a minor sprain or strain. Make sure you get any injuries sorted as soon as possible, as any lingering issues will only become more difficult to manage as you become busier leading into the end of the year. Self-care, including daily stretching and gradual increases in training distances/frequency will help to reduce the likelihood of further injuries.

As always, if your feet are hurting for any reason, make sure to call our Evanston office – Evanston Podiatric Surgeons at 847-475-9030, or Downtown Chicago office – Mag Mile Foot and Ankle Institute at 312-236-3507. Our care options for foot injuries and pain include some of the most cutting-edge procedures and technologies available!

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