Post Marathon


You did it! You ran in the Chicago Marathon! That is a lofty goal to have achieved. Even if you didn’t finish, you did the work and ran in the race.
So where are you now? It is time to take stock of where you are and what injuries that you might have due to your run. The first step for most of the injuries that come from running a marathon is to rest. Yes, you need to give your body some time to recover. It is time to try some other activities that are much lower impact. Try some swimming or biking. You really need to give your joints some rest.
Did you pick up some blisters along the way? This would not be surprising. Blisters are the bane of runners. If you get a blister early in the race it can be the end for you. Hopefully, you were not stopped short due to a blister. If you have a small blister, just leave it alone. You might want to put a bandage loosely over the blister. Make sure that none of the adhesive is touching the blistered skin. If you have a large blister, you may want to take a sterile needle and gently prick through the skin. Do not remove the flap of skin if you can help it. Again, loosely bandage the area. Change the bandage daily. The open skin is an invitation for bacteria. If the areas turns red, or warm to the touch, or you see red lines moving up your foot from the blister, go to the doctor immediately.
You may have toe nail problems from the run also. If the blackened toe nail is not painful, you can just leave it alone. If it does hurt and cause you problems walking, go to your friendly local podiatrist and the doctor can help you.
If you are feeling some heel pain, you may have stressed your plantar fascia.  My recommendation would be to go to your podiatrist and have him examine the area and talk to you about treatment options. Plantar fasciitis can sideline you for a long time if you don’t take care of it in the initial stages.
Your immune system is compromised from the stress that you have put on your body.  You are more susceptible to colds and the flu. You need to take care of yourself to prevent sickness. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy nutritious foods. Make sure you have plenty to drink also so that you are re-hydrated.
Also, there can be some mental fatigue and depression from the race.  So while you are taking care of your immune system, you need to focus on your next goal. What will you do next to keep your focus on the future?
In summary, it is time to repair and look to the future. What will you accomplish next? We congratulate you on this accomplishment!
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