Your Feet on the Slopes

Now that winter has finally hit the Midwest, some minds turn toward skiing. Skiing and snowboarding are great exercise and they are fun. (Which is not how we always think about exercise… maybe that is just me.)
Before you go skiing, there are some things you might want to do to make your trip down the slopes more enjoyable.
First off, you might want to do some conditioning exercises that will strengthen your legs especially your quadriceps and hamstrings. For some examples of exercises you can do, please check this out. (As always, please check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.)


Once you have your legs ready for a great day on the slopes, then you need to investigate ski boots. Over the years, ski boots have improved dramatically in reducing the number of injuries but there are still some things for you to check before you hit the slopes. First off, you want the boots to be comfortable and to fit right. Make sure you have an experienced person help your get the right size. The way you tighten the bindings can also make a difference. Have the sales person make sure the sizing is right and that you know the best way to tighten the bindings on that pair of boots. Then take the opportunity to wear the boots around in advance of hitting the slopes. Make sure they are comfortable before you head off for a full day of fun.
So, what if you have worked on your legs, made sure the boots are fitted right, and you know how to tighten the bindings and your feet still hurt after a few hours of skiing? Ouch! It would seem so unfair after you have done everything right. If this is the case, you should go see your friendly local podiatrist. It could be that you need some orthotics to help support your feet during the movements involved in skiing. With this added support you may find that you are ready for long days on the slopes.
There are two other things that will make your day of skiing perfect. One is to remember that you can get dehydrated while skiing. Drink plenty of water in between runs. Please note, I said water. Keep the alcohol (if any) for after your last run. The second thing is to remember to wear sunscreen and keep your lips moisturized. You can get sunburned (along with wind burned) while skiing and you don’t want a bad sunburn to ruin your ski trip.
I hope you have a great time on the slopes.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick
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