How do your feet feel during exercise?

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz;
I wonder where the birdies is
Ah, Spring. So lovely to behold after winter. I bet many of you are getting out and exercising. The Shamrock Shuffle is over and there are many races coming up. Have you signed up for any yet?
How are your feet doing? Are they causing you any problems? I am not thinking about blisters as much as I am wondering if they hurt. There can be many reasons why your feet would hurt after a run. For example if you have flat feet, your feet really take a pounding when you are running. Also, it could be that you may have arch problems that cause your foot to ache.
There are two solutions to these issues. The first solution is to go to your local drug or department store and get some foot pads. In some locations, a machine will evaluate your foot and diagnose the correct pair for you to pick up. These products are made for the general foot. They do not take into account the non-standard or asymmetrical pair of feet. These products may work for you. They are easy – generally you buy them in your shoe size and put them in your shoes and you are good to go. They last about 3 months and then you need to pick up another pair.
Here is my problem with those over the counter foot pads. I don’t think that when your feet hurt that you necessarily know why they hurt. It may be that they hurt in a certain area but that is because your foot is compensating for a problem in another area.
I can understand that you just want to go to the drug store, plunk down your money and have the problem fixed. I feel the same way most of the time. And maybe you should try it and see if it helps.
I would think that if this is your backdrop, you would be motivated to exercise!
Can you tell I am from the Midwest?
I do think that if you want to have a long term running career that there is a better way. Just as you had to start slowly and build up your running, you should start taking care of your feet with a long term approach. I suggest that a trip, with your running shoes, to see your friendly local podiatrist is in order. The doctor can look at your feet, look at your feet in the shoes, and perhaps even x ray your feet to see where your problem may be and what can be done to help it.
Orthotics that you will get from your friendly local podiatrist are custom made to support your foot. A cast of your foot is made and then sent to a lab where the orthotic is made. The orthotic that is made for you is to support your foot. It will not work for anyone else. The orthotic may feel uncomfortable at first. You need to follow the doctor’s suggested break in period for the orthotics. If you don’t, you will have wasted the money on them. Once you follow the 4-6 week break in program, you will find that your feet are uncomfortable without the orthotics.
I think you will also find that your running is much more comfortable and you can progress easier than before.
A well-made custom orthotic will last you about three years. Your custom orthotic will be able to move from one pair of shoes to another so you don’t have to go without them.
So now is the time to get to the doctor’s and find out is a custom orthotic will help you.  With the break in period, you want to have plenty of time before any important races.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick
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