Countdown – One Month Until the Chicago Marathon


Wow! Time is really moving fast and you are almost at “show time”. Are you getting excited or does it still seem like there is a lot of training to do before the big day?
There are a few things that you should do during this final month to get ready for the Marathon. It will be here before you know it and you want to be as ready as possible.
The first thing you should consider is to practice starting out slower than you would normally start. Why? Think about how it is going to be at the starting line of the Marathon. You will be there with thousands of your new friends. You won’t be able to start the way you do when you go out running. So, practice starting slower and working up your speed. You will be able to pick up your speed as the race progresses but you won’t be able to start as quickly as you do when you are alone.
Then it is time to think about what you are going to eat before and during the event. It is a good idea for you to “audition” meals to make sure that you feel okay running after eating. Don’t think of this only for the meals before the marathon, you need to practice what you will have during the race also. Don’t leave it up to the day of the race to see if gels make you feel queasy.  Make sure that whatever form of nourishment doesn’t upset your stomach while running. You can try out different combinations but practice before the race so that you know that you feel okay. And then don’t change things at the last minute.
Are you going to listen to music while you run? It is time to get your playlist ready. If you need help, you can go online – there are plenty of suggestions. There is a site called “The 2015 Running Awards” and they have playlist suggestions. Or you can see the suggestions from Women’s Health.
And you know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about your shoes. How are they doing?  Have you changed them lately? Have you found a pair that feels good when running? Now is the time to check to see if you need a new pair for race day. If you are going to get a new pair then make sure you wear the socks that you are going to wear on race day to make sure the new shoes are comfortable right away with the socks. The last thing you want is to put on new socks with new shoes on the day of the race. That idea gives me shivers. So be honest with yourself. If is it time for new shoes, go get them. You have worked so hard to get to the Marathon; don’t have your race end prematurely because of your shoes.
Have fun planning the last few weeks. We are so awed by your accomplishments. Can you hear us cheering?
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick


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