Winter foot care

Winter seems to have stared here early this year. Yes, it has us asking the usual question in November rather than January – Why do I live here?
Since winter has started earlier this year, how about we start a new tradition and start taking care of our feet at the start of winter rather than waiting. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that they stay in good shape through the season.
The first thing that you need to do is moisturize. The winter is very drying for your feet and they need some extra help. If your feet have a tendency to get really dry like mine, you might try putting an emollient rich lotion on them and then putting on socks before you go to bed. Those white cotton socks that we all have in our drawers are perfect for this. We need to keep the moisture coming. Also, while we all think of pedicures for summertime, they are great to help with the winter dry skin too. Just remember to check before you go to get a pedicure. You want a sanitary experience. (I personally go to the Medi spa at Evanston Podiatrists. It feels so good to be pampered that way!)
Also, let’s talk about winter socks. You want to wear a sock that will wick sweat away from your foot.  If you wear those popular white cotton socks that I talked about in the last paragraph, the cotton socks will absorb the moisture and leave it there next to your skin. That not only sounds gross but it will be a breeding ground for trouble. Make sure that you get the moisture away from your skin. If you are going to be outside for long periods of time, get some wicking sock liners to help keep your feet warm and get the moisture away.
If you are diabetic, you really need to make sure that you follow the suggestions above. Your foot care is very important and you need to be careful. When you are selecting socks, make sure they are not tight on your feet or legs. Also look to see that there isn’t a seam in the sock that will irritate your foot. Keep your feet moisturized so that the skin doesn’t crack and form fissures.
When you are putting on those wicking socks under your boots, make sure that it doesn’t make your boots too tight. The tightness from your boots can cause blister or ingrown toe nails. Remember that old saying about an ounce of prevention?  You don’t want blister or an ingrown toe nail so make sure your boots feel comfortable with the winter socks.
With all the snow and slop during the winter, you need to see that your boots get a chance to dry out in-between the times you wear them out in the snow and cold. They need to dry inside and out.
I will admit that I am still hoping for two things. The first is that the temperature will go up again soon. And the second is that winter is short. But, I am acting like winter is here to stay and starting to take care of my feet. Why don’t you join me?
Also just to let you know, year end appointments are starting to book to take care of any bunion or toe nail fungus issues. It is a great time of year to see the doctor to formulate a plan. You can not only use your healthcare dollars from this year but you will be ready for next summer!
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