Men and Flip Flops

So, if you follow this blog, you know that I am not (emphatically not) a believer that flip flops are shoes.  There are a number of reasons for this and let’s just lead off that they offer your foot absolutely no support.  I can (and have) gone on from there. (see one example –5 Reasons Why You Should Not Think Flip Flops are Shoes)

But lately I have run into discussions about flip flops for men.  While I have not discriminated before about men vs women with our flip flop discussions, I find it interesting that there is such a strong feeling about men and flip flops.  I have found many articles with varying positions and one even stating that Mick Jagger has weighed in on the issue.  

While most of the articles revolve around a feeling that men should not wear flip flops because their feet are not groomed and are therefore rather unattractive, there is an article from Huffington Post that talks about how NO ONE should wear flip flops as shoes because they are not good for your feet.   

While flip flops have been around for a long time, they do have a legitimate use. Flip flops do have a place by public pools, the beach and public showers.  They are great in those spots to protect your feet from fungus, bacteria and hot sand that could be lurking.  There does seem to be agreement that even men can wear flip flops in these locations. 

There also seems to be a debate about whether men should wear sandals (mandals?) I am not going to enter into that discussion.  But I will talk about how there are plenty of summer shoes that can be worn in place of flip flops.  What I want you to do is first of all completely understand that shoes made out of plastic should not be on your feet.  Plastic does not breathe and having your feet sit in sweat will degrade your skin and allow of bacteria and fungus to have an easier entrance. Canvas, leather, mesh – there are many different breathable fabrics that shoes can be made of that are attractive and great for summer wear.  You should be wearing sandals that support your feet and give some protection along with breathability.  

The next few days are supposed to be really hot.  Please take care to drink plenty of water and stay cool inside as much as possible. 

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