Frostbite – A Quiz


In honor of today being so incredibly cold, I thought a little quiz about frostbite would be in order.

Frostbite Quiz

1.        Frostbite is caused  by
A.       Skin and body tissues being exposed to extreme cold
B.       Jack Frost nipping at your nose
C.      Getting overheated while outside – it is just like goose bumps
2.        Wind chill readings do not affect your chances of getting frostbite.
A.      False
B.      True
3.        There are three levels of frostbite.  Can you name them?
A.       Frostnip, superficial frostbite, and deep frostbite
B.      Snap, Krackle, Pop
C.      Cold spots, max cold spots, xtreme cold spots
4.        Most people who have frostbite also have
A.       Hypothermia
B.      Glasses
C.      Swollen knuckles
5.        What should you wear on your hands in the extreme cold?
A.       Mittens rather than gloves
B.      White cotton gloves
C.      Nothing
So, are you wondering how you did on the quiz?  The correct answer to every question is “A”.
So remember on days like today it is best to limit your time outside, wear warm clothing in layers including two pairs of socks and at least one pair of mittens.  Cover your ears and face as best you can.
Please bundle up and keep warm.  If you are outside and it is extremely cold, make sure you keep moving. Keep that blood circulating!
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