Hot Time

In so many parts of the country people are getting outside again and enjoying outdoor activities and the freedom from wearing boots and coats. (Is there still snow in Boston?)  
We have all been conditioned for years to wear sunscreen. The message has been so effectively transmitted that now people have had problems with not having enough Vitamin D because they do not get enough sun.  
There is one area that is often overlooked when slathering up with sunscreen.  
Your Feet.  
It is important to make sure that you put sunscreen on your feet and re-apply it the way you would for every other part of your body. I can see you looking at the screen quizzically. You never thought about sunscreen on your feet before did you? The skin on your feet – both sides can get burned by the sun. As we all know by this time, sun burns can lead to skin cancer.  
Did you know that melanoma on the foot is the most deadly form of the disease?   
It is the most deadly form because people don’t check their feet for the disease. They don’t notice the spot on their foot or under their toe nails. Yes, you can get melanoma under your toe nail.  
My suggestion is that you take a few minutes and look at your feet. Look them over for any spots or unusual marks that you have not seen before. Take a hand mirror and really look at all sides of your foot. Look between your toes. Do you see anything? If you do, you might want to check the ABCD’s of skin cancer.  
A – Asymmetrical – Is the spot of irregular size and shape? Melanoma is asymmetrical.
B – Boarder – is the boarder of the spot irregular? Is it jagged, notched or blurred? Melanoma spots have irregular boarders.
C – Color – melanoma is usually a mix of colors not one solid color 
D – Diameter – melanoma will grow while a mole will remain the same size. A spot bigger than the size of a pencil eraser should be cause for concern.  
The other thing that needs to happen is for you to be able to look at your toe nails. If you see a spot on your nail, you need to watch the spot. If, as your nail grows, the spot moves then it is not melanoma. But if your nail grows and the spot stays in the same place then you could have a problem. 
As with any health concerns, if you are worried or concerned about a spot that you find; I suggest that you go to your friendly local podiatrist and have the spot checked. It is worth it. It can save your life.  
So get out that sunscreen and slather up your feet.  
Your Pal, 
The Foot Blogger Chick 


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