Foot Melanoma – a Quiz and Information You Should Know

A Summer Quiz about Your Feet
I know. We love a good quiz.  Admit it, when you see one in a magazine, you can’t help but take the quiz.  Who knows?  It could tell you that you are a genius.  It could tell you that you do everything right.  All possibilities are available when you start the quiz.
I have no doubt that if you follow this blog, you will be a genius with this quiz.  If not, you will learn some valuable information.
Ready?  Here goes –
A Summertime Foot Quiz
1.        Melanoma found on the foot is the most deadly form of melanoma.
______ True
______ False
2.       Melanoma can be found under your toe and finger nails.
_____ True
_____ False
3.        You can check your foot for melanoma
_____ True
_____ False


4.        If you see a spot and you wonder about it should you go to your friendly local podiatrist.
_____ True
_____ False
5.       I can do something to prevent melanoma.
_____ True
_____ False


1.       TRUE
Yes, foot melanoma is the most deadly form of melanoma.  It is the most deadly form because most people don’t find the problem until it has spread.  In reality, most people probably don’t even know that you can get skin cancer on your feet.  They just don’t consider it.
2.       TRUE

Melanoma can be under your nails.  To look for it, you need to look at your nail and see if there is a spot.  If there is and that spot doesn’t move as your nail grows, you need to get to the doctor to have it checked.


3.        TRUE
You want to look for the ABCD’s of melanoma. If you have a spot, check it for the following:
A – Asymmetry – if the spot is asymmetric , which means that one half is different from the other.
B – Border – a spot with an irregular boarder.  If the edge has an irregular boarder
C – Color – The spot would have a mix of colors rather than just one color.
D – Diameter – Melanoma will grow while a mole or freckle will stay the same size.
4.        TRUE
It is always better to have it checked and find out that you are wrong than not check and find out that you have skin cancer and it has spread.
5.        TRUE

It is the same prevention that you use for the rest of your exposed skin.  Use sunscreen and keep applying it while you are out in the sun.

Okay, so I might be a bit of a nut on the subject of foot melanoma but I just think that it is something that we just never think about and we should.

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