Check Your Feet – I’m Serious


Here in the Midwest it appears that summer is just about over. We are starting to don sweaters and long pants. The summer shorts are not gone yet – there could still be some warm days ahead but there will be fewer and fewer.
This also means that our beach days and sandal days are drawing to an end.
 I would like you to do me a favor.
Would you please take a minute to look at your feet? I mean really look at your feet. If you regularly wear toe nail polish, take it off and look at your toe nails.
Give them more than a casual glance. Really check out your feet. Come on, they are pretty important to you. They hold you up!
Look at your toe nails. Take a minute or two to inspect the nails. Do you see any dark spots? Had you noticed that spot before?
Now look at the top of your feet and then the soles. Are there any marks or spots that you had not seen before? How about between your toes? Anything odd there?
Are you wondering why I am suggesting that you look your feet over? I want you to check for anything unusual because I want you to check for melanoma on your feet.
Foot melanoma is the most deadly form of cancer. 
It is deadly not because it can’t be treated but because it is not usually caught until it is too late. So, that is why I want you to pay attention to your feet.
It could be that the spot on your toe nail is fungus but it could be melanoma. How can you tell the difference? The best way would have your friendly local podiatrist check it out. The second best way is to watch the spot on your nail. If it doesn’t move as your nail grows, that is a problem.
The thing about your toe nails is that so often we assume that we have nail fungus or a bruise so we don’t have it checked. You really should have it checked. This is not something to “wait and see” with – it is more of a “get it checked” thing.
So when you are looking at your feet (tops, soles, and between toes) you want to look for the ABCDs of melanoma.
A – Asymetry – does the spot look the same on both sides?
B – Border – is the border uneven?
C – Color – is the color mixed rather than one color?
D – Diameter – has the spot grown?
When you check your foot, if you see a spot and the spot meets any of the above tests, get it checked by your friendly local podiatrist. It is very important.
After you have checked your feet, you can move on to the other important things in life. You know, like how is your favorite football team doing this year?  Where is the best spot to get some fresh apple cider? Or my personal favorite, what Halloween candy will I not buy until the last possible minute? (to keep myself from eating it!)
Your Pal,


The Foot Blogger Chick
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