Relieve My Dry Feet

Remember these feet from last week? They still look better than my feet but I have at least started on the road to improvement by having my toe nails checked.
Now this week, it is time to concentrate on how incredibly dry my feet had gotten this winter. Who needs to use their fingers to itch, I can use my heels. Is that a bit of TMI? (too much information)
Since I was at my friendly local podiatrist’s office last week, I did ask about my dry feet. The doctor had the good grace to not recoil in terror at the sight of my feet or at the razor like shards of skin on my heels.
The doctor made some suggestions about how I should care for my feet and get them back in better shape. The following is the list of suggestions or in my case, required actions:
1.        When in the shower, use a pumice stone to help remove the dead skin from my feet.
2.        Make sure to dry my feet thoroughly when I get out of the shower – even between the toes. It seems that water not dried off your feet can be just as bad at breaking down the skin as letting your skin get too dry.
3.       Use a moisturizer on my feet during the day. Just my regular body moisturizer is fine just make sure it soaks in to the skin and be careful not to put it between the toes.
4.       Wear socks. Okay, I don’t normally wear socks and that is part of the reason why my feet are so bad during the winter. Oh well, I guess I will have to go out shopping to get some cute new socks. (A sacrifice I am willing to make.) It was suggested that I should get socks that will wick away the moisture when I am exercising.
5.        At night, I am going to use a stronger moisturizer on my feet and then cover them in a loose fitting cotton sock when I am going to bed. This will help the moisturizer soak into my feet rather than just into the sheets.
There it is my 5 step plan to improve the looks and health of my badly abused winter feet. I think I am going to enlarge that picture from the top of this page up and put it in the bathroom to remind myself of what I am working toward.
Have a great week!
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick


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