Meet Your Friendly Local Podiatrist…

It was with great pleasure that I sat down and talked to Dr. Tayeb Hussain. Truth be told, he really wanted to put off talking about himself. This is interesting because he is a very friendly talkative person. (As I am sure his patients will tell you!)

Dr. Hussain’s background

Dr. Hussain grew up in Chicago and attended Maine West High School. After Maine West, he attended Loyola University of Chicago at the Lake Shore Campus.  He then went on to attend the Scholl School of Podiatry in downtown Chicago.
Of course, I wanted to know how he decided to go into podiatry. He told me that he had worked in a soup kitchen as a volunteer and when working there, he could actually smell the patron’s injuries. He wondered what it was that he could smell. He would always talk to the patrons of the soup kitchen. As he got to know them, they would talk about their lives. He found through these conversations that  the smell that he could detect was from diabetic patrons who had foot sores.
This really intrigued him. He felt that he needed to find out more and that he wanted to be able to help these people.  He found a doctor and spent some time talking and learning about diabetes and its effect on people.  This really kindled his interest in going in to podiatry.  After looking into it, he discovered that one of the best schools for podiatry was in Chicago.

His Favorite Part of Practicing Podiatry

I asked him about the best part of his practice. It did not come as a surprise to find that he feels the best part is meeting people and being able to help them.  He loves to hear about them and hear them tell him about their families. He wants his patients to feel comfortable and at ease when they come to see him. He talks to them like a friend rather than a physician. He knows that they will feel more comfortable telling him things if they feel relaxed.

But does he notice smelly feet?

Okay, I couldn’t help it. I asked him if he is offended when he has patients with smelly feet. It could be that someone near and dear to me has smelly feet and is so embarrassed when I – I mean she – goes to the doctor. He assured me that he doesn’t notice that any more. He knows that people’s feet can get sweaty and smell.  Those feet have over 250,000 sweat glands! At least he knows the sweat glands are working! So if you suffer from bromodosis (sounds so much better than smelly feet, right?) don’t worry when you go to the doctor.
It seemed to me that if I was going to ask about the best part of his practice that I should ask about the worst part. Well, we have already established that it isn’t smelly feet so I really was wondering what it could be. He said that the hardest part was letting go and going home. You know what? I absolutely believe him. He is incredibly hard working and is so personable that I could see that he would have trouble leaving to go home.
Dr. Hussain has built his practice from the ground up. It is easy to believe that it grows so fast because of his knowledge, his interest in people, and his desire to help his patients.  He is very careful that his staff reflects his ideals for how people who come to his practice should feel.
I might be biased (might!) but I think that you could not find a better podiatry practice.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick


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