An Open Letter from Your Feet

It has come to my attention that perhaps you don’t understand how important I am to you. With just a bit of care I can keep you going for years but I am getting tired of your not thinking about me. Believe me, if I want your attention, I can get it very quickly.
I am writing this letter in an effort to wake you up in a nice way. Believe me, if you ignore this letter, I have my ways to get you to notice me.

One of the things that has spurred me into action right now is that I know summer is coming. Yes, I can see the signs. You are pampering me. The moisturizer is out and my nails have not had so much attention in months.


Here is the thing. It is great getting moisturized and having my nails looking nice. BUT then you put on those torture devices. What torture devices, you ask? Those non-shoes called flip flops. Do you have any idea what those plastic things do to me? Oh, how I dread them.


You see, those flip flops are a problem for me. They do not support me at all. That means that my muscles, tendons and ligaments have to work hard to support all my bones. You do realize that more than one-quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet, right? It is hard work to keep all 28 of those bones in place.

And then you walk differently in flip flops than you do in normal shoes. With flip flops, my toes have to grip the flip flop to attempt to keep everything in place. Really. This affects your stride and your body’s alignment. You may not notice but you have had some slips and falls because of those “shoes” are not really holding on to your foot. Did you know that there were over 25,000 emergency room visits last year due to people wearing flip flops?

See, this sandal supports my arch and cups my heel both important things!


And remember last summer when you stepped on that tack and it went right through the bottom of the flip flop? That hurt and could have been a real problem. Hey, infections can be serious especially when I get so dirty when you wear flip flops.
So, come on. This summer can’t you go out and get some cute sandals that we can both agree on? I’m on your side but you make it pretty hard when you wear those plastic things.
Your feet




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