5 Tips for Buying Children’s Easter Shoes

Although Old Man Winter seems loath to leave and let spring into our lives, it will happen. One of the events of spring is Easter. Beyond the religious significance, Easter is a time to get dressed up and celebrate spring.
Part of dressing up for Easter is buying new shoes for the children. As much as we would like the shoes we bought at Christmas to still fit our children, they probably don’t. (And if you have a little girl, she will probably tell you that those Christmas shoes are the wrong season!)
So it is time to trudge out to the stores to buy new outfits. My least favorite thing to do was to take my children to buy shoes – especially my daughter. It seemed that the shoes aged faster than I thought she did.

Here are our top 5 children’s shoe buying tips:

1.        Take your child shopping in the afternoon or evening. Even children’s feet will swell during the day and you want shoes that will fit and be comfortable.
2.       Measure their feet. Both feet. Every time.  It doesn’t matter if you just bought gym shoes for them last month. Measure both of their feet.  They need to be standing to have their feet measured correctly.
3.       When they try on the shoes, make sure that you can put your thumb between their longest toe and the top of the shoe. (Check out your child’s foot. Sometimes the longest toe is the second toe not the big toe.) Have your child walk/run (running is most likely from my experience) in the shoes for a few minutes. See how they move. Do they look comfortable? Sometimes children can’t tell you that shoes are uncomfortable. Let them move around and make sure you think it looks right.
4.        Children’s shoes need two components for safety. The shoes should have some sort of closure or strap to keep them on their feet and give the child’s foot the support it needs.  The shoes should also have non-skid soles so they don’t slip and fall.
5.       Here is my last tip. So you are in the shoe store at the end of the day and you can see that a meltdown is eminent. When you decide on the style of the shoe that best fits your child, let your child pick the shoe color. Okay, if only two of the colors that the shoe comes in work with the outfit that you bought, let them pick between those two colors. Do not show them the other colors as they will, of course, proceed to have a meltdown because they can’t get the neon green shoes to go with their pink frilly dress.

Good luck with your shoe buying trip. I hope it is easy and fun.

I hope you have a wonderful spring. We all deserve it.
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick

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