One Month until the Chicago Marathon

As I said last week, time is flying! 
I am sure that if you are preparing for the Chicago Marathon that time is really flying. 
Are you ready? 
With one short month to go, how are your prepartions? Have you run your pre-race long distance run?  Are you doing short runs as frequently as possible? 
Let’s look at a couple things for your review before the big day. 

Now is the time to get your marathon shoes ready.  Make sure you have a pair broken in (but not too broken in) and ready for the race.  Hopefully, you love the shoes you have been running in and just want to get a new pair of the same style. If you don’t, now is the time to check out other shoes and see if there is a better pair for you. 
This is not a catalog or sale shoe time. This is the time to go to a specialty shoe store and get help from an expert. Your shoes will really make or break your experience. Make sure they are the best for you that they can be. 
Not to put too fine a point on it but you need to get going on this. There isn’t much time left to get the best shoes for you and break them in. 

I am sure that you have found the perfect wicking sock that will take away the moisture while you run and feel great under the shoes you will wear for the race. RIGHT? If not, then get to the store and find the socks for you. You want to make sure that they fit right under your shoes and feel comfortable. I know that they are not inexpensive but they are worth it if they keep your feet healthy during the race. 
One of the big problems during a long run is blisters. Your socks should be a partner in your fight to prevent blisters. You want the socks to wick away moisture and protect your feet from rubbing in your shoes. 
You need to have healthy feet before you even put on your socks. Moisturize those feet nightly to keep the skin in the best shape it can be. You don’t want dried out skin that is prone to splitting; that is asking for problems. 

Have you been testing to see what drink you will use during the race? The day of the race is not the day to decide to try something new. If you want to use a hot pink sports drink during the race, use it during your practices to make sure that it doesn’t upset your stomach. 

Post-race plan

Have you made your post-race plan? Do you know what your next goal will be? Ready to implement your plan when the race is over? Research has shown that those going into a marathon that have their next goal in their sights have a markedly better recovery from the race than those who do not. 
Have a great last month of training! We will be there cheering you on! What a great accomplishment – even devoting yourself to the preparation is an achievement.
Your Pal,

The Foot Blogger Chick

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