Capsulitis is an inflammation of the ligaments at the base of a toe

Last week we talked about having a longer middle toe which is called Morton’s Toe. (You can find the post here.)  This week, we will talk about one of the problems that having a longer second toe can cause.
Capsulitis is an inflammation of the ligaments at the base of a toe. Usually you will find capsulitis at the base of the second toe. It can be at the base of the third or fourth toe but that not as common.
Capsulitis falls under the general category of ball of the foot pain. It is hard to knowwhere exactly the pain is sometimes.  You just know that your foot hurts. Interestingly, when you have capsulitis it not only hurts when you walk but it really hurts when you walk in your bare feet.
Should I go to my friendly local podiatrist?
Capsulitis is one of those problems that will get much worse if you try to ignore it. As capsulitis gets worse, it you will see your second toe start to cross over your first toe. Once this starts to happen, your treatment options grow more and more limited. It is far better to see your friendly local podiatrist early so that some gentle intervention might help the situation.
What causes capsulitis?
Capsulitis occurs when there is excessive pressure on the ligaments at the toe joint. This pressure over time causes pain and discomfort. The excessive pressure on the joint can be caused by one of several different problems. As we talked about last week, if your second toe is longer than your big toe, then that will cause pressure on the second toe joint.  As you age, the ligaments in your foot will weaken and the problems due to Morton’s Toe will increase.
Also, if you have severe bunions, it will lead to the excessive pressure. Another source of capsulitis can be from flat feet or feet that have an unstable arch. Capsulitis is generally not the result of injury.  It is caused by the bone structure of the foot.
Treatments for early stage capsulitis
The following is a list of what your doctor may suggest to help you. Remember, the faster you get to the doctor, the less invasive the treatment.
1.       Rest and ice
2.       The use of ibuprofen can help relieve the pain and inflammation
3.       Taping – it may be necessary to tape the second toe so that it will stay in the correct position
4.       Stretching – exercises may be suggested to loosen the calf muscles
5.       Shoe modifications – supports that control the motion of the foot or lessen  the pressure on the toe joint  could be used
6.       It is often found the custom orthotics can help improve the comfort level
      If  you have Morton’s toe (post on Morton’s Toe) then you run the risk of developing capsulitis. Capsulitis in not one of those wait and see and treat with over the counter pain medications. It is a “go see your friendly local podiatrist and get a diagnosis and treatment plan” things. Don’t wait. Waiting will make it much harder to treat. Besides, let’s work to lessen the pain as fast as possible.
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