Spring Sandals – Are You Ready?


Dear Foot Blogger Chick,
Spring is coming and I can’t wait to get out and about in the sun.  Do you have some suggestions for what I should do to get my feet ready for the sun and fun?
Dear Boots,
Just for fun, let’s take a look at what was shown on the runways for spring.  Check out this link Spring 2013 Shoes to see some of the shoes shown.
Just remember those shoe shopping tips –
1.       Shop later in the day when your feet are at their largest
2.       Make sure the shoes are comfortable right away – don’t count on breaking them in
3.       Try and go for natural fabrics like canvas or leather.  Plastic shoes trap moisture that leads to problems.
Since you have hidden those feet away all winter, it is time for a tune up for your feet.  First of all, let’s start with some of the biggies.  How do those toe nails look?  Do you have a fungus problem?  If so, it is time to get going on getting that healed.  Healthy toe nails look so much better!  The most effective solution is to have laser treatments.  It still takes some time to have it completely gone – your toe nail has to grow out completely – but the fungus should be gone with that treatment.  For more information on this, please look back at our previous post –The Toes Have It.
Another thing that you might want to check out before summer is to see if you have bunions that should be repaired prior to showing your feet. This is true especially if you are in pain.  Don’t go into the summer fun months avoiding walking because of painful bunions.  You should be out having fun.   You can check out my take on bunions at this post – Foot Blogger Chick on Bunions
Let’s talk about some of the really easy fixes in getting your feet ready for summer exposure.  How about a pedicure?  It is a lift for the mind and feet.  Of course, you want to be careful about where you go to have a pedicure.  One of my favorite places is a medispa like the one at EvanstonPodiatric Surgeons.   It is clean and they let you know if they see any problems with your feet.  The selection of vegan polishes is great.  The suggestion for spring colors can be found here – Spring 2013 Nail Polish Guide.
Now that the time has changed you can take a refreshing step and pick up a new pumice stone.  Use that pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin on your feet.  Then make sure you start to moisturize.  It will make quite a difference to the look of those feet.  My favorite tip – get lots of moisturizer on your feet and slip on a pair of socks and let the moisture seep in while you sleep.  In the morning your feet will be all set to go for the day.
So, have fun getting ready for the Spring footwear change.  I keep looking at the shoes and trying to figure out how many pairs I can possibly buy.  I mean, a girl can’t have too many shoes, right?
                                                                                                                               Your pal,
Foot Blogger Chick
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send them to footbloggerchick@gmail.com or leave them in the comment section below.  I am not a doctor but I check with one before answering questions.
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