Summer May Be Over But Your Skin Still Needs Moisture


Summer is ending and there is something that you do during the summer that I bet you stop doing in the fall that you shouldn’t.
During the summer months, we all moisturize more because our skin is exposed and we want it to look its best. Then come along the fall with sweaters, shoes, and socks and we stop moisturizing.
Keep that moisture coming for your feet!
When the weather turns and the air gets drier, our skin also gets drier. When the skin on your heels gets too dry, it can lead to cracks and fissures. If the skin on your foot is dried out and cracked, it is an open door for bacteria and fungus to enter your system.  Besides, it doesn’t look very good. The dead skin can catch on your socks or nylons and pull at them and that is really not appealing.
 There are steps you can take at home to avoid getting the skin on your feet too dried out.
1.       If your feet seem a little dry, use a pumice stone in the shower to slough off the dead skin.
2.        When you wash your feet, make sure they are thoroughly dried.
3.        Moisturize your feet. If there are cracks the use an emollient rich cream.
4.       If you have really sweaty feet, make sure you use a foot powder to keep them dry.
5.       Okay, this is the one that I have a hard time following – wear socks to absorb the daily foot moisture that develops in your shoes.
That reminds me of an amazing fact. Your feet will sweat (are you ready?) about a half pint a day. Isn’t that surprising?  So think about it. If you don’t wear socks to absorb the moisture then it is all sitting in your shoes. Also, if you wear socks that absorb the sweat, the moisture is sitting there against your skin all day.
So, the other thing that you need to do –
6.       Wear different shoes each day. Don’t wear the same pair two days in a row. Let them dry out.
If these warnings are coming a little late for you, then I suggest a trip to your friendly local podiatrist to have your feet checked. The doctor can examine your feet and give you suggestions for how you can get your skin back healthy.  Especially go see the doctor if you see deep cracks and either blood or other oozing from your feet.
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