There is a Fungus Among Us

There was a fungus among us by Hugh Barrett and the Victors

I had no idea that the phrase “there is a fungus among us” was a song. Did you?  Actually to test your musicality even more, there was the song “There was a Fungus among Us” and a completely different song called “Fungus Amongus”

I don’t think either was a huge hit.

But there could be a fungus among us. Particularly a fungus between your toes. Do you have a scaly itchy area between your toes? Does it burn and look unappealing?

It is probably that fungus we call Athlete’s Foot.

How do you get Athlete’s Foot?

The fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot actually lives quite harmlessly on your skin. It is just when it is able to be in a warm moist area that the fungus will multiply and cause a fungal infection. The space between your toes is the perfect breeding ground.   All you have to do is wear shoes that might be a bit tight (squeeze the toes together) and have your feet get sweaty that the fungus can go from 0-90 in a heartbeat. Also, wearing wet socks are a breeding ground for the fungus.

The fungus is contagious. So if you are in direct contact with the skin of another person who has athlete’s foot, then you can become infected. The fungus can also be spread indirectly. Let’s say that you borrow someone’s shoes, socks or towel. You could become infected from those items. (Okay, excuse me but if you are borrowing someone’s shoes, socks or towel, I think you ought to think about what you are doing. These are personal items that you don’t really “borrow”)

Because of its affinity for warm and moist, the fungus also loves shower rooms and pools.

How do I avoid getting Athlete’s Foot?

The first way is to keep your feet , especially the area between your toes, dry.  After you shower, make sure the you dry between your toes.  You might even want to use a little powder between your toes if your feet tend to sweat a lot.

When you are at the pool or the gym showers, wear flip flops or swimming sandals in the locker rooms, around the pool, and in the shower.  This will help keep your feet from direct contact with the fungus on the floor.


Do not use other people’s socks, towels, shoes, or bed sheets.  These are all areas of indirect contact that can lead to infection.

If you know that you have very sweaty feet, make sure that you buy socks that will wick the moisture away from your feet so that the area between your toes will stay dry.

Do not wear shoes that are too tight in the toes or are made of plastic.  Give those tootsies a chance to breathe!

Psst Psst!  Don’t tell anyone but I have athlete’s foot.

Go to the drug store and pick up some medicated powder or spray (like Lotrimin Ultra, Lotrimin AF or Desenex, Lamisil AT or Tinactin) and start using the product according to the package directions. You need to wash and dry your feet twice a day. Make sure that you really dry your feet. After each washing and drying, make sure you put on a clean pair of socks. The socks should be of natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Also you should rotate your shoes. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. Your feet sweat a lot during the day and your shoes need at least 24 hours to fully dry out after you wear them.

If after a couple of weeks of care, the fungus has not gone away; it is time to see your friendly, local podiatrist. Actually if you are diabetic, I would suggest that you start with your friendly local podiatrist.  The doctor will be able to evaluate the situation and work with you to relieve you of the burning and painful problem.

If the rash is warm to the touch, swollen, or you start running a fever, it is time to go to your podiatrist immediately. Do not wait.

So now I have that stupid song stuck in my mind.

Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick




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