One of These Things

Is not like the other….


Did you mentally complete that sentence? Did you know that was what I was going to say? If you did, you know the power of Sesame Street.
There are other phases that we often hear but may not be as sure of the origin. One such phrase might be “with warts and all.” While I have heard the phrase, I did not know where it came from. Don’t worry, I did some research. According to legend, the phase was used by Oliver Cromwell (early 1600 British military and political leader) to the artist painting his portrait. It seems that the artist was known for “touching up” his subjects so that they met the beauty standards of the day. Oliver Cromwell had a growth on his face below his lower lip. He told the artist to paint him warts and all. To be honest, there is a school of thought that this legend ranks up there with the Easter Bunny but it is the best explanation I found.
While Oliver Cromwell might be willing to show his warts, most people these days would prefer to not have warts much less have anyone see them.
Plantar warts
The warts that are found on your feet are called plantar warts. The word plantar refers to the foot. Plantar warts are generally found on the bottom of the foot but they can sometimes be found on the top.
Do They Hurt?
Sometimes they can hurt. It will feel like you have pebbles in the sole of your foot. It makes for painful walking or running.
How do you get them?
A wart is an infection that is caused by one of the types of the human papillomavirus (HPV).  The virus loves warm moist areas and can thrive there. The virus gains access to the skin through small breaks in the skin.
Shower shoes or flip flops necessary in public showers or pools
How do I avoid getting them?
The best way is to keep your feet clean and dry.  When you go to the gym or the pool, wear flip flops or shower shoes so that your feet do not touch the floors in the pool or public showers where the virus lives.
Are warts contagious?
Yes,  do not touch your warts. Along with wearing flip flops and shower shoes, don’t share personal items other others.  Do not use their towels, shoes, or razors.
How do I get rid of the warts?
If you are diabetic, go to your friendly local podiatrist.  Do not try to treat them at home.
If you are not diabetic, you could try treating the wart at home with over the counter drug store preparations.  You could make your decision on this based upon how much pain you are in and how long you have ignored the issue.  If you are in a lot of pain or you have let the virus grow for a long time, you might want to go to your friendly local podiatrist as your first stop.  The doctor has several different methods that can be used to treat the wart including stronger topical medicine, using curettage to remove the wart, or using a laser.
Will they come back?
I hate to tell you this but it is possible.  Once the virus is in your system, it is possible for there to be re-occurrences.
Oh and I almost forgot – You cannot get warts from a frog! (even if he sings!)


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