Happy April Fool’s Day 2016!

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of tricks. I think it is fairly common that one doesn’t want to look foolish. I do admire a good April Fool’s gag though. One of the places that seems to have fun with the day is the Think Geek web site. (They actually don’t sell a Vertical Landing Rocket or a Useless Light Switch) Every year they have a few products that are just April Fool’s jokes. If you are wondering what those could be, you can check them out.
One of the April Fool’s tricks that seems to the top trick was the report on the 1957 BBC new show “Panorama” about the spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. The BBC was contacted by a large number of viewers wanting to know where they could get a spaghetti tree.

Many web sites and publications will have a story specifically planned for April Fool’s Day. There was an announcement of a “moon watch”. The watch at a price of $27,500 was so expensive because the housing was made from a solid piece of 4.5-billion-year old moon rock. 

Or this from Google –
You can (for only $99) by the duolingo pillow that will teach you a new language overnight. And then again the folks at google had introduced “Actual Reality Headset”.

And if you are finding the upcoming presidential election to be upsetting, there isn’t really election insurance.

It seems that companies enjoy trying to outdo each other with pranks. This is the best part of April Fool’s Day to me!
Enjoy your April Fool’s Day!  Your friendly local podiatrist wishes you well. (and that’s no joke!)


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