Happy April Fools Day!


The video shown above is considered by the Museum of Hoaxes to be the top April Fool’s Day hoax of all time. People were fascinated and wanted to be able to grow their own spaghetti.
If you go to the Museum for Hoaxes web site, you can see their list of the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time. The list is fairly amusing.
Interestingly, the history of April Fool’s Day is very murky. The beginning of the holiday is not clear. There are a couple theories but they have been proven to not really be possible. Those theories included one that was an April Fool’s Day hoax.  Even the year when the day started to be celebrated is up for debate. Some try and link it back to a reference in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1392) but most think it is much more likely to have been somewhere around the late 17th Century when the concept of April Fool’s Day starts being consistently found in literature.
April Fool’s Day is celebrated worldwide although the ways of celebrating differ between countries.  In English speaking countries, the celebration is generally limited to before noon. In England and Scotland on April 2 school children will pin messages on people’s backs as a prank. In France, French speaking Belgium, and Italy, April 1 is signified by a fish. The custom was to send a humorous postcard with a picture of a fish on it.  In these countries school children will run around pinning a paper picture of a fish on the backs of classmates and people on the street. Also chocolate fish are sold in candy stores on April 1.
Looking for some pranks to pull on your office staff on April Fool’s Day? There are several sources of “safe” ideas. Mashable has a list of 10 ideas. (I particularly like the one with the paperclips.) Or for some ideas that cover more than just the office, you can check out Safe April Fools’ Pranks at love to know.
In the meantime, I still think that you can fool people with the spaghetti tree concept.
Have a great time!
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