Best Practices For Ankle Injury Prevention

In our last blog we talked about ankle pain while running and most common ankle injuries. Today we’ll discuss best practices for preventing injuries.

Wear shoes that fit.This point cannot be stressed enough. Wearing poorly-fitting shoes will eventually lead to a painful, and sometime permanent foot condition. A well-fitting shoe should provide the entire ankle area of the foot with adequate support, meaning that shoes should be neither tight nor loose. So, invest in a good pair of running shoes fitted preferably by a professional.

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Improper form.  Having an incorrect form, or posture, while running is also another cause of ankle pain and injuries. Muscular imbalances, physical abnormalities (i.e. leg length discrepancy) and poor strength and endurance can all play a role in ankle pain. For example, if you tend to run and your weight is poorly distributed, meaning you are back-weighted, you’re essentially putting extra weight towards the back of the body, which could later cause lower back and ankle pain.

Don’t strain your feet. Overly stressing your feet and not giving yourself a break from running (when you clearly need it) will overtime cause the breakdown of important tendons in your ankle necessary for your feet and ankles to move properly – especially for running since it involves repetitive motion. It’s like trying to drive on a long road trip when you know you have a nail in your car. It’s just a matter of time. So be kind to your wheels and give them a break at the first signs of foot pain or fatigue.

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