Chicago Marathon – T Minus One Month

Wow! You are down to the last month of prep for the marathon. How exciting! I’m sure that you have done a great job getting ready and so the big day will be so exhilarating. Have you been visualizing crossing the finish line? What a triumph.

At this point in your preparation, what things should you be considering? I think part of your prep at this point should shift from being just about training to being preparation for the big day. I have a list of 5 things for you to cover in your final month before the marathon.

5 Things to Review Before the Marathon

1.        Shoes – Are your shoes ready for the race or is it time to get a new pair? Your shoes are tremendously important for race day. Make sure the pair that you are wearing have been broken in but not worn out. You need to hit that spot where they are supportive but not stiff. You don’t want to get blisters from your shoes during the race if you can avoid it.
2.       Socks – Yes, I have socks on the list. Pick out the socks that you are going to wear and put them on with your shoes for some of your practice runs. Make sure they are comfortable and do not rub or cause blisters. Cotton socks are not the best for this because they will keep all the moisture around your foot and that can cause problems. Try some socks that will wick away the moisture.  

3.       Clothes – It is time to pick your outfit for race day. Why so early? Because you need to actually wear the outfit a few times to make sure that it is comfortable when you are running especially longer distances. You don’t want to find out during the race that your clothes are uncomfortable part way through the race. I also suggest that you look to wear clothes that are made of a fabric that will wick moisture away from your body and not wear cotton. I love cotton just like you do but for a marathon, it will keep all that moisture (sweat) right next to your body and that will be uncomfortable. With at cool max fiber shirt, the sweat will not be clinging to you while you run.
4.       Food – Take the time now to decide what you will eat prior to the race and have a practice run or two. Make sure that the food sits well on your stomach before you come to race day and find out that somehow those fiery hot fajitas give your stomach the flip flops when you eat them and try and run. Think through what your food plan will be both the night before the race and the morning of the race.

5.       Race snacks and drinks – Like everything else on the list, run some trials on the snacks and drinks that you are going to have during the race. Your body will be stressed during the race and it might be good to find out ahead of time that when you are running that the gel your friend always uses during races does not do anything for you when you are racing.

Have a great final training month! I hope you are pretty excited about the marathon. Running it will be a great achievement. 

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